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What Is BobCAD LaunchPad?

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BobCAD-CAM Instructors

Senior Instructor

Mike Dulski

Ever since joining BobCAD-CAM in 2010, Mike’s worked closely with our clients. First, as a member of our account management team, he helped put together custom CAD-CAM solutions for machine shops. Then, after becoming an expert in the software, he transitioned to our support and training team where he’s since become one of the top BobCAD-CAM instructors nationwide.

Senior Instructor

Andrew Weber

Prior to joining BobCAD-CAM, Andrew spent over a decade in the CNC woodworking industry where he machined everything from production type jobs to custom projects. During that time he used a number of CAD/CAM programs, getting certified on two systems before passing the BobCAD-CAM certification program and joining our training team in 2014.

Senior Instructor

Alexander Cole

Mr. Alex Cole is passionate about industry leading manufacturing technology with over 21 years of experience in the CAD/CAM space. He has refined his skills and knowledge through hands on experience while working in the manufacturing industry.

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